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Name of Shem Olam in the World

Shem Olam in the World
Over the years, the central role of the Institute has been established as a leader and innovator in the areas dealing with coping with the situation and spirituality in the Holocaust. In this context, relationships and joint projects have been formed with academic institutions in Israel and abroad and with holocaust research commemoration institutions.

Joint Projects
Cooperation with several Academic and Holocaust Commemoration Institutions. The Institute conducts one- time projects or joint ongoing projects, among them:
Bar Ilan University Teacher training project for Holocaust Studies
Orot College Elkana Teacher training project, film production studies
Haifa University Encouraging and training PhD students in research and writing in the field of coping and spirituality in the Holocaust, and also research from the sociological aspect
Lodz University, Poland a joint project for joint conferences and research publications
Yad Vashem joint educational projects including production of educational mobile units and the use of joint institutional teaching staff

Work Contacts

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington archival cooperation
"Massuah" Organizational cooperation and use of teaching staff
Ghetto Fighters` House Museum Cooperation and lectures in various frameworks by the Shem Olam teaching staff
Zih Archives Warsaw - archival and research staff cooperation
12 Academic Centers The Institute holds annual courses in these centers for Holocaust Studies students ( for additional reading Shem Olam in Academic Circles)
Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland Research areas and lectures for the staff of the faculty of Jewish studies.