Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research



Existing Structure

Since its outset, Shem Olam has been located in its own (temporary) establishment in a 3 story- building on the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva campus in Kfar Haroeh.
The rural environment is conducive to breaking away from the pursuit of everyday reality and the visitor enters another reality, a glimpse into a world full of contradictions. A world of evil and tragic reality wherein also exists the reality of preserving the values of human character, its spirit, faith and humanity.

There are several exhibition spaces the centerpiece being:
"Roots" - a space observation area: This museological study space is full of significance and depth presented on walls, objects and computer screens. Space observation renders cognition of the internal world of the Holocaust victims through artifacts, photographs, testimonies, documents and interactive computer screens.

Additional Exhibits:

*A unique sculpture display by the artist Simon Resnick tenders deep impressional experience and insights.

* Exhibition "That is All Man" comprised of paintings by the artist Ozias Hofstadter accompanied by sayings, and an environment that encourages depth and unique insights.
* Display based on contemporary works of graphic and art- work of the Emunah Girls College of Art. On display are reflections and a glimpse into the world of the Holocaust through the eyes of young artists that combine the "Here and Now "to Then and There".

The Institute also has

* Workshop and Lecture rooms for Study days and Seminars
*A Pedagogical Center and Library for enrichment
* Archives and Archive Services
* A Dining Hall and an open area
* Offices serving the public in various fields

Future Structure

Future Structure

" The Stones Will Tell" The conceptual framework based on the structure of the Shem Olam Institute
Shem Olam is unique and renowned for placing the Holocaust as a symbol of coping under dire circumstances and asserting the values of Jewish Identity, spirit and faith in the reality of evil, humiliation and loss. In order to express and give access to this contradictory world, a complex will be constructed whose stones will relate and reflect this content both physically and conceptually. The buildings will be located in an extensive complex extending over an area of two acres in the Sharon area Kfar Haroeh. The complex consists of several buildings spread across the area and surrounded by greenery. This serves to create a place with a relaxed atmosphere, but nevertheless charged. This is done with elements such as shape, light, materials and connections between things. In this way, the site will try to lead those entering its portals, to emotions ranging from despair to hope, flowering to withering, from darkness to light, from material to the spiritual, and from atrophy to coping with the situation.
We are due to commence construction this year to include 7000 square meters to be divided between the educational, museological, research and administrative departments and the Seminar unit including accommodation and a dining hall.

In Honor and Commemoration
We urge you to take part in the building of the Institute's permanent residence, by dedicating a place in the buildings or in the open area designed to provide respite for a mental break in order to process the insights and significance of the site, to perpetuate the names and people you wish to commemorate. This can be done by way of donation or organizing a group of donors to help build the Shem Olam Center.

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