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The Jewish Soul Train

The Jewish Soul Train operates in small Jewish communities in the United States, South America, Africa and Europe, and includes cultural enrichment, Jewish history, and close acquaintance with the State of Israel. The program creates a stronger connection to Judaism, Jewish identity and the State of Israel. Shem Olam assists in this endeavor by providing materials and activities about the Holocaust, Jewish history, Jewish identity and Jewish values.

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The program's aim is for Jews with a weak Jewish identity to remain Jews at a time when assimilation is rising. In cooperation with Project Taglit, a group of 40 students arrived this summer and participated in a special program catered to the particular needs of the group. Upon the students' return to their communities across the continent, they became important activists and spokespeople for us. Today they help bring our programs to more than ten communities around the world, such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico and Peru. The uniqueness of the program is that we are the only people in close contact with these isolated communities, often in places without even a Chabad emissary.


We are also involved with summer camps for children of small Jewish communities in the United States. Israeli counselors attend these camps for several weeks. They work with the children and meet with the parents and their communities. These summer camps are a big success in fostering close relationships with Judaism and Israel.

SHEM OLAM'S MOBILE UNIT - We hope to create a mobile unit in English and Spanish over the coming year to tour Diaspora communities and instill greater knowledge in the area of Holocaust Studies and Jewish identity. In this manner, we hope to address the needs of children, youth and adults in these communities.

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