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Group's Preparation Prior to the Trip

The importance of good preparation prior to the trip is no less important than the trip itself. Moreover, proper and constructive preparation makes the trip more meaningful, providing insight and intensifying the experience on every level.

Proper preparation should include information, mental preparation, and direct encounters with Holocaust survivors. The Shem Olam Institute can be of service to educational institutions and groups, from the preliminary stages of trip planning and onwards. Please see our suggestions for trip preparation below. These are completely modular, allowing for expansion and reduction according to the various needs of the group:

One-day Seminars
Two-day Seminars
Journey of Circles program (3-4 days)
Individual enrichment lectures and workshops for schools by request, such as Synagogues in Poland, Antisemitism, Returning to Life, Cemeteries in Poland, Coping Workshop for Children etc.

For educational staff we offer four days of formal, concentrated study as a course for accompanying teachers. There are also additional course options. For help and more details, see How to Build and Plan a Trip.