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Mobile Educational Unit

Mobile Educational Unit - "Coping in Desperate Times"
With the aim of provoking awareness of the Holocaust and with emphasis on the struggle of coping and survival as a central issue in a world of killing, murder, evil and annihilation Shem Olam institute has created a gripping study unit "Coping in Desperate Times".

The unit, created in conjunction with Yad Vashem, instills content into the awareness of the Holocaust among pupils around the ages of 12-15 who have not yet engaged in Holocaust Study.
The Mobile Van accesses many areas of the country, including those outside the central region.

The study unit deals with the issue of endurance and survival in the Holocaust through the elements of Jewish identity, human spiritual values and the religious world of the Holocaust.
The unit is based on first encounter with terms like ghetto, loneliness and isolation, hunger and the term Holocaust itself.


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Young pupils are introduced to the notion of evil through controlled methodology but mainly gain insight into the significance of existence and survival in the stark reality of the Holocaust.
The unit is kitted out with advanced technological aids including flash cards, puzzles, audio visual digital equipment and creative activities in a relevant context.
The Mobile Van incorporating the study unit arrives at the educational institution and within an hour sets up a "bubble of activity" in an average sized classroom. A completely different learning space is realized catering to approximately 30 40 pupils. Duration of activity is about 3 hours.
This mobile unit can be used consecutively several times a day.
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