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"Tell Your Children" - A Nationwide Campaign to Salvage Materials

"Tell Your Children"
A Nationwide Campaign to Salvage Materials
from the Holocaust Period

The Shem Olam Institute of Holocaust and Faith Studies is making an appeal to you, the remaining survivors and families of Holocaust survivors, to submit any document, article or photo from the Holocaust era to the Liberation, as well as materials relevant to pre-Holocaust Jewish life and immediately after, such as the Displaced Persons Camps and early pre-State Immigration Absorption.
We can assure you these materials will be stored, cataloged and serve as an everlasting memorial for your families. Some of the material will be exhibited while some will provide researchers, educators and the general public with access to important testimony.



Channah and Elchanan Oppenheimer hand over a picture album together with authentic wedding invitations and a Community Register (pinkas kehillot) as part of the Tell Your Children campaign.

The Shem Olam Institute is a befitting place for materials conveying coping in the Holocaust from a standpoint of religion, values, morality, humanity, Jewish Life, education, human spirit etc.
Shem Olam is veritably the place where these materials will merit great exposure and significance, each exhibit being accompanied by its personal story.
We carry great responsibility on our shoulders the responsibility for conservation, special restoration (if necessary), and for producing digital copies, which will be submitted to the families.
Please bear in mind that salvaging these items has a multifold purpose. Proper conservation and restoration of the materials in your possession are necessary in order to preserve them from the ravages of time. Furthermore, you are rendering your families accessibility to these materials, knowing where they can be located at any moment. Furthermore, by exhibiting these materials you are contributing to the commemoration and perpetuation of the events pertaining to the Holocaust for future generations. The names of your loved ones will be memorialized in the catalogues and exhibits on display.



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