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The "Second Generation" Course

Course for Envoys Intermediaries at the forefront of instilling the memory of the Holocaust

The course is designed to prepare the "second generation" for the day they will be the closest to the concept of "first generation" and (in the absence of the survivors themselves) relate their story so that the memory of the Holocaust will be preserved and transferred to future generations.

This is a unique course using professional methodology and historical knowledge which trains the envoys to relate and pass on the testimony heard and experienced firsthand from the primary source.
The course will develop the skills of the envoy through four spheres/circles - needed for the task of passing on the story - with the view that each envoy of Holocaust Memory will be equipped with extensive knowledge enabling him to impart his own specific personal story.
The four spheres /circles concurrently deal with the following:
1. Historical Knowledge - General knowledge of the Holocaust and knowledge of fundamental concepts while delving into different sub-fields relevant to the actual personal story.
2. Individual historical familiarity about the specific story giving rise to deeper knowledge of the cities, sites and concepts related to the course participants' testimony. (For example, the city where the survivor lived before the Holocaust). The story to be studied and individually researched with the assistance of the Institute's team, while at the same time, other participants research archival sources etc for information needed to complete their own personal story.
3. Practical formulation of the story: the pieces to incorporate into the story to make it more complete involving the use of methodological tools, the art of telling the story, photographs etc.
4. Internal Processing -This circle/track encompasses the use of psychological and sociological tools and is based on the support of a psychologist and a counsellor in order to fuse the experiences of the second generation interwoven with the first generation.

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The course is both individually and group -oriented, accompanied and guided by the best of lecturers and experts of the Shem Olam Institute together with professionals from the fields of psychology and sociology.
Duration of the course: 60 hours, 12 sessions + hours of personal research
Prerequisites: Interview and Compatibility Tests
Course participants will be integrated into frameworks where they will be able to bring their story into the public consciousness.
For further information, please contact Rabbi Tzvi Wilner 04-6301637 or 052-5677464