Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research



The Holocaust, according to the narrative perceived by Shem Olam is a historic, constitutive event. Consequently, we deem it appropriate that the Holocaust be an integral part of our personal and public compass in issues relating to coping, faith and spirit: in the reality of contrasts and contradictions, in a reality ranging from spirituality to hedonism, from the loss of the image of God and trust in the fellow man to acknowledgement of the value of all human beings. In Shem Olam, we are working on a narrative where the Holocaust is not just a collection of data and the exposure of blatant evil and suffering. It is interwoven with life with meaning and value which continued to take place within the reality of extinction. To this end, a Shem Olam center will be established to be the institute in the forefront of this field and a global milestone. The center will include: a museum, spatial documentation and research areas and an educational center imparting this narrative to the public in Israel and abroad, as an additional platform to other existing Holocaust Institutions.