Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


"Tell the Last Generation"

"Tell the last generation" - a project documenting Holocaust survivors in the religious sector

A Primary initiative in cooperation with the magazine "Zman". This initiative will allow for second and third generation to interview , document and write down the personal story of Holocaust-era in their family.
"Tell the last generation" Psalms" 48, v.14

Documenting the Family Story within the Home

A national campaign to salvage materials from the Holocaust period

Many families (in the ultra- orthodox sector) have still not documented the story of their parents' generation the holocaust survivors. As a result, the story is missing from the general documentation.
The Institute of Holocaust and Faith "Shem Olam" is making an appeal to you - the remaining survivors and families of Holocaust survivors, to pass on/hand over to us any document, article or photo from the Holocaust era to the Liberation, as well as those relevant to pre Holocaust Jewish life and immediately after such as Displaced Persons Camps and early pre- State Immigration Absorption.

We assure you that these materials will be stored, cataloged and will be an "Everlasting Memorial" for your families. Some of the material will be exhibited while some will provide researchers, educators and the general public with access to important testimony.

Hotline for immediate contact 04-6301636