Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


Study Days

Shem Olam offers extensive educational activities including seminars for middle school and high school students. The seminars are modular, varying from short study days to five-day seminars.
We use different methodologies including workshops, presentations, research-images, documents, lectures and educational modules accompanied by films, photos and discussions.
Shem Olam runs a diversified in-service training program for teachers and the general public ranging from a one-time course to intensive seminars, including the following:
Youth Groups to Poland
Intensive Study Days for Eleventh- and Twelfth-grade High School Students
Activities for Intermediate School Students
The Journey of Circles Program
Bar Mitzva Project: Children and Their Jewish Identity
The "Journey of Circles, Time and Place" Program for Youth Delegations from Abroad

Ongoing Programs:
Annual course in Kfar Haroeh, Afula and other locations
Course for teachers accompanying groups to Poland
Course for tour guides for youth delegations to Poland
Courses for adults (community study)
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