Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research



"Shem Olam", The Holocaust Faith Institute
was established in 1996 in Kfar Haroeh, by Rabbi Avraham Krieger, the head of the Institution.
The Institute's departments of education, documentation and research, present a historical narrative of the Holocaust in terms of "coping" and "life" and not just as a place of tragedy and loss. The knowledge springing forth from the documentation and research departments in the areas of human values and morals, religion, spirit, education, faith, culture, art and dealing with dire circumstances, is a wellspring. The Shem Olam Institute meets the needs of tens of thousands of youths, adults, security forces and students wishing to learn about the Holocaust from the perspective of courage and strength of mind of the victims and the survivors, beyond familiarity through extinction and loss data. In this area, Shem Olam has paved and charted the way for the narrative. The activities of the Institute with regard to fostering the legacy of the Holocaust, research and study, extend to the US, South America and Europe.