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Testimonial Archives

Testimonial Archives

The testimonial archive is comprised of several categories. What makes it unique is the majority of the testimonies focus on or include descriptions from the aspects of coping, fortitude of spirit, moral values and humanity during the holocaust period.
The archive includes:
Testimonies documented by the team at Shem Olam
Testimonies compiled from different world archives
Translated testimonies from the collection of Yossele Carmin

The central unit is from the Yossele Carmin collection and has two useful applications
1.Testimonies related to specific places or issues compiled for the purpose of instruction etc. These testimonies and extracts were found suitable for integration in training and teaching. Method of search by site or topic
2.The overall collection is presented according to a list of names. The testimony is presented as an extract. Method of search in the overall collection according to search keywords.

Full testimonies are available on request email and return of mail
The full testimony in the database is unavailable for reasons of privacy. However, a specific testimony can be requested and will be sent to the applicant by return mail.