Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


Educational Program in Partnership with Jewish Communities Around the World

Many communities throughout the Diaspora lack an individualized educational program for Jewish schools, catering to the specific needs and nature of the community. These communities would like their educational staff to be involved in the management of the program. Therefore, various educational programs and tools are necessary in order to provide a tailored methodical and systematic training program for the educational staff.
Shem Olam employs this individualized strategy with the Jewish community in Vienna, Austria, where Jewish youth are often very remotely connected to their Jewish identity, as well as with youth from the ultra-Orthodox Satmar community. Shem Olam has formulated modular study, experiential units and workshops for each diverse group.
At the same time, Shem Olam has developed a teachers' training program spread over an intensive two-week period and delivered by the Institute's professional team. All materials are produced in German, and communities in Germany are also working with Shem Olam in order to implement activities there.
Similar programs are currently operating in several other regions, including North America, South America and Norway.