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Course for Tour Guides


grade 6

The Holocaust Faith Centre "Shem Olam" for education, research and documentation in Kfar Haroeh, is opening a training course for guides for youth delegations to Poland, licensed by the Ministry of Education in the 2017 academic year

In order to facilitate advance assessment and evaluation of candidates, a new time table has been arranged:
Final registration date:

Assessment Centers: January February 2016
Opening date of course: October 2016

Course Information: 270 hours of study including a study trip to Poland

Duration: October 2016 July 2017

Venue: The course will take place on Wednesdays, at the Shem Olam Insitute in Kfar Haroeh.

Prerequisites: The course is designed for candidates who meet with one of the following conditions:
1. B.A. or B. Ed in the field of Humanities or Education and experience with youth and school children.
2.Teachers minimum requirement a B.A. certificate and involved in education.




Candidates who meet the above requirements will be invited to a day of Role/Position Assessment . Success there is a pre-requisite for acceptance to the course
Participants, who complete their studies successfully, will be required to participate in two training internship trips ,to guide youth going to Poland as part of the state delegations organized by the administrative staff of youth delegations to Poland under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.


Registration: For registration forms - please send CV to: or by fax: 04-6365929.
Additional information: Please contact 0524700900 or 0524700906.


The opening of the course is subject to the number of participants


This announcement applies to both men and women