Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


A Journey in The Footsteps of Communities

The Institute conducts a unique activity portraying Jewish communal life and the events of that particular community in the Holocaust. This activity takes place in different places all over the world over a long weekend (4 days).These trips are led by a team member of the Institute and armed with knowledge and history the participants undergo a moving experience.
Here the Zionist-Political world is discovered together with the emergence of 19th/20th Hebrew literature. Participants experience and learn about life in pre -war Jewish Odessa and Transisteria, later to be primitively and brutally obliterated within a short time.
Kovna. Vilna: In these places students are exposed to the wealth of Jewish Lithuanian culture and tradition and the early mass murder in the Holocaust.
BELARUSSIA (White Russia)
In this community we experience the world of Torah and Yeshivot in direct contrast to the killings that took place in the open pits and the disintegration of the community in advanced stages.
The cradle of Hasidism. Students are involved in study and familiarity of the world of Hassidism, with its ability to express marvel and experience wonderment. They deal with questions regarding the essence of man, society, spiritual challenges, divine morality and its meaning. With these insights, the participants set out to the places where the Nazis and the Ukranians gave completely different meaning to the significance of Man, morality and values.
HOLLAND (in progress)
A journey to become acquainted with an old and intricate community, with unique characteristics until the Holocaust. Students are then exposed to episodes evoking esteem with reference to the events of this Jewish community in the period where the Germans lost human spirit for Mankind.
Czech Republic
Journey to a community in the absence of a community. Acquaintance with communities featuring unique cultural characteristics, combining a magnificent Rabbinical past with a wide outlook on the World of Enlightment. Synagogues and rare sites remnants of a world that once existed, and is no more. Continuing with the Thereisenstadt Ghetto, which was unparalleled in its components and management.

with emphasis on Salonika. Acquaintance with Greek Jewish culture that was great in number, impressive and influential in Salonika, so much so, that on Saturdays the port was shut down. It was a community based on mutual responsibility that continued all the way to the bitter end- to the almost total annihilation by German oppression and tyranny.