Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


About Us

Suffering, killing, starvation, hatred, destroying the human image, annihilation are synonymous with the Holocaust.
But the Holocaust is also coping, values, preservation of the human image, spirit, faith ...
These new angles are the key to a deep understanding of what happened in the ghettos and camps, in hiding and in struggle.

Through this field, Jewish history will be reflected in the decades and centuries to come.
This field is not only a memory, but also a constitutive factor for identifying values, spirit and faith.
In the last decades since the Holocaust, there has been a great lack in the world of of scientific research and educational studies. Therefore, the Shem Olam Institute has harnessed itself and others to carry out research using historical scientific tools, while uncovering documents and unfamiliar sources relating to the world of values, faith, religious and spiritual life, which focus attention on coping in the Holocaust. Shem Olam is harnessing its research to the field of education, with accent on the unearthly reality of a vast portion of Jews living in darkness and the shadow of death, in a world surrounded by inhumanity. To this end, the three departments of education, documentation and research were established to provide a combined response to the task.