Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


Shem Olam in Academic Centers

Shem Olam has been operating for several years in various academic settings to instill awareness of the Holocaust through the issues of spiritual coping in matters of identity, values, religion, culture, morality and humanity during the Holocaust. This angle reveals the strength of mind of the individual, community, society and the family who had to face up to critical and fateful tests.
This project designed for students from various disciplines is in the form of two semesters. The first semester is frontal and students are exposed to different content, research and insights through lectures given by lecturers of the Institute. In the second semester students write research papers on the topics of coping and the spirit of the Holocaust, through research, articles and survivor literature. From the first stage of research for papers, writing and the final presentation, students are continually assisted by the Institute staff who direct them to the bibliographic collection of the relevant disciplines. For the course material, we use research and material which have undergone a pedagogic and didactic process providing tools that enable students to gain historical and scientific knowledge, at the same time transforming these areas into a learning experience to enhance identity and moral values.

At the end of the school year students who fulfil the course requirements are eligible for scholarships donated by families wishing to perpetuate their loved ones and encourage research in the field.

Over the years, the project has been running in about ten academic centers including: Ariel University, Hebrew University, Technion, Lander Institute, Ono Academic College, Carmel College, Orot College, College Lifshitz and more. As a result, there is a pool of research papers written by students over the years which are accessible and serve to expand knowledge in various fields.

We are privileged to see how our different courses have changed the attitude of the previously accepted discourse to a renewed discourse dealing with the same inner strength of that time. Those students who feel the importance and strength of the messages will hopefully transfer the same narrative wherever their future takes them.