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Seminar for Accompanying Teachers

The educators and accompanying teachers of the group have great responsibilities. The tour guide's job is to transmit information and content, and merge the day's experiences appropriately. The role of the teacher, however, is not just limited to the difficult and complex task of providing educational activities in the evenings, dealing with technicalities and disciplinary matters. On the contrary, the educational staff can use their distinctive influence to inspire the group, making the trip momentous for them indeed.

The teachers have the ability to enrich the trip by encouraging discourse. Since the teacher is acquainted with the group, it should be his or her responsibility to help the group digest the insights gleaned from the various sites toured during the trip. These insights will accompany the group on its return to Israel and prove pivotal to the processing and internalization of the trip.
Thus, the purpose of the in-service training seminar is to prepare the accompanying teachers by providing the tools and overall direction to help them succeed in this special role.

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The seminar consists of two units dedicated to specific material to be taught by the educators during the trip. Two additional study days discuss the framework of the trip, guidelines for the work involved, and evening activities. The program's first two days are run by the Institute's staff, and the final two days are run by the Ministry of Education. In total, four full days of study. The seminar is held twice a year, during the Channuka holiday vacation and at the beginning of July, during summer vacation, at the Shem Olam Institute. The seminar is accredited as a 30-hour course.
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