Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research


Our Staff

The Team is comprised of high-quality professionals in the fields of research, documentation, education and various administrations. Also we have an excellent team of local professionals in various countries primarily responsible for locating and uncovering documents , journals and exhibits in the areas of spiritual belief and and faith.

Rabbi Avraham Krieger - Director: Graduate of Yeshivat Kerem Yavne and ordained for the Rabbinate. Rabbi Kriegerg served as instructor and educator for more than 20 years. He is studying for his Ph D and has a Master`s degree from the University of Haifa in the History of Israel Studies. Rabbi Krieger is the founder and head of the institute, has a worldwide reputation in his field, and his articles and research have been posted and published at important venues and abroad.

Heads of departments and projects:
Rabbi Moshe Haba - Director of Education
Ms. Orit Hermon - Director of Content Development and Programs
Ms. Miriam Ariel Head of Archive
Rabbi Tzvi Wilner - Shem Olam in Academic Circles
Rabbi Idan Opatowski - Pedagogical Center
Professor Sara Bender - Senior historian of the Research Department
Motti Isaak - Community Projects abroad

Other professionals in their respective fields are affiliated with the various activities, including:

The Research Team: This team includes researchers, historians and people with a background of Torah studies who carry out research , on the basis of documents uncovered by the Institute. . The team includes six members.

Lecturers: The staff comprises of lecturers in Hebrew and an additional lecture team specializing in foreign languages, primarily for English speakers.

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